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Longitude Group is a multi-disciplinary company specialised to deliver end-to-end solution from design to execution in projects ranging from Individual Residences, Apartments, Commercial Spaces, Row Housing, Religious & Educational Institutions, IT Parks, Malls and Mixed-Use buildings.

Our team of professionals offer a mix of long years of experience coupled with the energy and dynamism of a young enterprise. In all the projects we have designed across the Country, our priorities have always been to ensure an overriding commitment to creating value and excellence in design. Our intention is to realize more than a building; we aim to create a place, a destination.

To achieve this, we encourage a development process that aligns every aspect of the project to the same end. Primarily, we believe that architecture is not just about design, but about merging architectural design, engineering and aesthetics, keeping in mind the realities of our environment.

The structures built by us stand out as living testimonies to the victory of man over nature. Structures conceived and built by minds in constant search of new methods, ideas, applications and solutions. At the heart of all our development efforts is the attempt to touch and improve the quality of life of people across the length and breadth of the country. We specialize in small to large scale constructions by leveraging new age construction technologies.

Life cycle design, energy conservation, recycling of resources, usage of locally available material, space management, all form an important part of projects we handle. We follow a defined drawing and project program which enables us to reduce the time to market considerably.


We hire at all levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a fresher, if you have the drive and talent Longitude is the best place to build your career.

If you are skilled, committed and looking to work hard, we’re looking for you

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